Loadout Saver for Battlefield 4

Allows you to save different Loadout-Sets and to load the perfect Loadout-Sets for the Gamemode/Map your are currently playing without having to set it up manually.
It can only save the currently equipped loadout, so you still need to setup your loadout in game or in battlelog, but then you can easily switch between different sets/profiles via this app.

It also can selectivly save parts of the loadout like weapons, vehicles or kits.

1. Enter your Battlog login information in the options menu
2. Use the +-Button to save your currently equipped Loadout and choose a name for it and select which parts of the Loadout should be saved (when sending a Loadout the missing pieces are supplemented with the corresponding pieces of your current loadout).
3. Click on a Loadout to load it and watch it happen on Battlelog or in game
4. Long click on a Loadout to remove it.
Important: You probably need to be playing BF4, when trying to send or save a loadout!
(If you own BF4 only on one platform it may work even if you are not playing)

Feedback and bugreports appreciated: bls@maxgb.de

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