Home Automation

Since I have been interested in home automation for quite some time, I recently started creating a system for myself

Based on a Raspberry Pi 2 and a 7-inch touchscreen as central control station, I built a easily extendable and quite cheap system. To control everything I a Javascript (AngularJS) Webapp with a User Interface inspired by the Windows 10 UI.

Besides two speakers there are also a few lamps integrated whose color and brightness can be controlled. A thermostat and a window sensor are also integrated. If I leave the house, I can e.g. turn off the light, stop the music and down-regulate the heating on one tap. In the evening the app also offers an option to turn the cealing light off and the bed lamp on, as well as turning off the screen until the next morning.


  • Control the lamps
  • Music control (Spotify)
  • Weather forecast
  • Display departures at a nearby tramstation
  • Control the heating


More information or source code on request.