The world-best lasertag system

As a three-man team we are working on our own Lasertag system since the beginning of 2018. Our goal is to create the world-best system with huge amount of features and maximum configurability.

The following is an incomplete list of the major available or planned features:

  • Accurrate, long distance hit detection featuring a 360° headband and a multi-detector vest
  • Many different game modes like Free for All, Conquest, Capture the Flag, TDM, Gungame and more
  • Different tagger types (shotgun, assault rifle, sniper) as well as grenades
  • Level elements like spawn points, medkits, ammunition packs or capture points
  • Sound, light and vibration feedback where possible
  • Configuration via mobile web interface
  • Live stats display on optional personal mobile web interface

Project Overview Page